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Turn Your Wedding Reception into a Tastefully Good Time

Your wedding, what a wonderful day it will be. As important and glorious your ceremony should and will be, so will your wedding reception. The ceremony is a time for you and your loved one to form that forever bond and beginning to a lifetime of happiness, but why not also bring some of that happiness to the surface for your guests to enjoy?

Your wedding reception can create an afternoon or evening of happiness and a lifetime of amazing memories for all that attend. Well-known for offering the ideal accents for any occasion and private party events, Bonnie Ruth's of Frisco, TX can also offer the ultimate environment filled with those accents you need to make your wedding reception absolutely perfect.

Fairytale Location

One of the most romantic and captivating aspects of your wedding reception is its location. Located near plenty of convenient accommodations for those out of town guests, Bonnie Ruth's in Frisco offers a quintessential atmosphere in their fireside courtyard as well as Patisserie and bar. The courtyard is home to your very own fairy tale setting. It is perfect for fine dining, the joy and comfort of others, and not to mention for dancing under the stars, surrounded by twinkling lights to your favorite classics.

Creating a world implemented with the theme and style of your big day, is important when it comes to the preparation and perfection of your wedding reception. You can design your wedding reception to look and feel the way you want to at Bonnie Ruth's whether being held in their elegant Epoque style bar and dining room, their quaint and priceless patisserie, or in the fireside courtyard. It's your very own canvas at Bonnie Ruth's from the candle lit tables, table draping and covers to other decorative elements.

Event Catering

Not only is it important that your guests leave happy and smiling, but that they don't leave hungry. Bonnie Ruth's is a right choice for special event catering; and this is a very special event. From award winning, exquisite cuisine to the carefully made, house-made desserts from their state-of-the-art French bakery, to their tasteful drink menu, your wedding reception can be touched-up with a specialized menu made for an appetite.

It is always fun to implement theme-friendly food choices with your wedding reception catering creations. Try applying appropriate appetizers, meal options and desserts with exactly what your French, elegant or other special-themed wedding reception needs. From chicken pecan salad to Assiette de Fromage cheese and fresh fruit trays, French cheese puffs and petite cupcakes, vegetable pasta with white wine and other marvelous meal, side and dessert choices, you can't go wrong for the tasteful portion of your wedding reception.


Make this an afternoon or evening to remember for not only you and your loved one, but for your family and closest friends. Your wedding reception can be a time to talk about for years to come from the likings of its luxurious location, decorative and entertaining elements and exceptional event catering. Places like Bonnie Ruth's of Frisco, TX can help turn your reception into a tastefully good time!

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