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A Perfect Private Party Event

Now that the holidays are approaching, people find it in their best interest to throw that humble, holiday-themed gathering. Whether it's for a small family gathering, that occasional holiday party or birthday party, work banquet or other type of gathering, you and your guests will find yourselves having a memorable and majestic time at Bonnie Ruth's Bistro Francaise Et Patisserie.

There's nothing more relieving than knowing your guests are having a ball during your private party event. From the theme and location, to the service and event catering, there's something special to be offered for the promising perfection of your private party event just by choosing the right place.

Food For Thought

So what can a place like at Bonnie Ruth's do to turn your event into a joyous jamboree? To start, you'll always hear people say that location is key, and that it is. Whether your private party event is holiday-themed or not, their fire-side courtyard and in-door Patisserie and bar all have something wonderful to tastefully touch up your event theme. Whether outside next to the fireplace in the sparkling, string-lit courtyard filled with beautiful shrubbery, or inside in the architecturally-enjoyable, French-filled Patisserie and bar, you and your guests will be surrounded by charm and elegance at Bonnie Ruth's.

Special catering events require the need for the specialty craftsmanship of professional and experienced, high-class, expert bakers and chefs. Their special events catering menu is filled with favorable options, suitable for any event. Some of these options include salads, delicious dips, hummus, hardy homemade soups, finger sandwiches and platters, lunch combinations, and hot pasta meals. And don't forget the traditional event catering fan-favorite, party trays, such as cheese and fruit, relish, and salad trays, as well as side specialties like grilled vegetables and Lump Maryland Crab Deviled Eggs.

Bonnie Ruth's of Frisco, TX has also grown as an adored atmosphere for afternoon tea events and showers. Both are accompanied by specially designed menus compiled of various desserts made straight from their French bakery, blissful beverage options, and various meal options. Their shower packages really can shake things up for your private party event. Whether you're looking to host a bridal shower, baby shower or just a small gathering, Bonnie Ruth's will dress up your occasion with candle lit tables draped with elegant cloths, and a variety of menus to suit your ideal occasion whether it be small or large.

Function, Food and Fun

Every private party event is accented with charm, elegance, great taste and exquisite service at Bonnie Ruth's in Frisco, TX. Whether you're hosting a small afternoon tea event, a party, anniversary, shower or other type of private gathering, the warming and vibrant atmosphere they have created will provide you and your guests with a tasteful time all afternoon long.

Choosing a place that can turn your private party event into the afternoon or evening you always imagined it would be entails hosting your party at a perfect little place like this. From location and theme, to event catering and service, there's nothing sweeter than the sweet personal touch then that of a place like Bonnie Ruth's.

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